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Come watch me colour live!!

Special guest:
Hello all, I will be helping out in my friend, JellyLemons contest. There are prizes up for grabs for the top three entrants.

For more information about prizes and how to enter the contest, follow this link:…

One of the changes will be that one of the winners (not yet determined) will get a lineart, cell shaded or painted manga page of their choice from yours truly :)

The contest will open this evening. I hope a lot of you guys get involved and good luck to those who do!
I have been saying for months now that it Tobi was obviously going to be Obito. Everything I said turned out right so far!! :D:D

My reason for thinking this was that Tobi seemed to have the same dimensional justu that came with Kakashis Sharingan.

Leave your predictions in the comments about Tobi's reasons for doing this, I would love to hear them :)

  • Listening to: Hellyeah - War in Me
  • Listening to: Hellyeah - War in Me
Hey all!

I am about to reach 25,000 page views and 450 watchers and I just wanted to ask if you would like anything special.

If so then please comment below and then i will make a poll to see the most popular suggestion :)

  • Listening to: Hellyeah - War in Me
I made a speed lineart video for my latest colour.

Go check it out if you like :)…
We just hit 20,000 page views!!!!!!!!!

This means so much :D i never thought i would have more than 1,000 XD

Thank you so much!
OK guys this douche used my "ready for battle" deviation and claimed it as his own for about 2 weeks.

A few days ago i reported the deviation but i made the mistake of telling him. It was only after I reported the deviation and told him that i had he changed it to something that is his own work.

So its just a word of warning not to be lenient with ass holes like this and just report them straight off and not tell them because they will have a chance to change it and make you look stupid to the deviantart staff.

Thanks to for informing me about this guy in the first place.
Want to come and laugh as i try to get used to my tablet?

Join if you like :)

My livestream will be starting somewhere within the next hour.

I will let you know when
I will inform you if I will be live streaming tomorrow night :)

Also you can leave page/panel suggestions in the comments and I will pick one to do!! :D
Go check it out if you want to :)…

also big thanks to the people who have subscribed so far!
I made a YouTube channel for my DeviantArt account! :D

What i will be uploading there:
. Speed arts (Line arts/colours/YouTube and desktop backgrounds)
. Tutorials

... That's all i have thought of so far :D

If you want to then go check it out…

I have already uploaded a small lineart tutorial there :P
Im live :D

will only be spending an hour or so on this :) if i dont finish i will carry on tomorrow :D
Hey just wanted to give you a heads up :)

Whenever i upload linearts from now on they will be .psd files but the preview image has a background but don't worry the background in the .psd file is separate

I also wanted to ask you all not alter the linearts in any way or i will stop uploading them. I don't mind if you remove my link from the image as long as you credit me.

have fun ^^
10,001 page views and 207 watchers!

this is a huge milestone for me and i never thought i would ever reach it :D

Thank you all :hug:
Hey!! i have almost reached 10k page views and 200 watchers!! :D

I was thinking about doing a lineart livestream or something but i just wanted to ask what would you like? :)

Comment and I will read them all!

Thanks again.
Hey guys i just wanted to let you know that if you use my linearts will you please credit me.

I spend a lot of time making these and you get them all for free.